Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Online Features in Windows 8

Online Features in Windows 8

Many people are starting to save their files and other information online (also known as the cloud). One way to do this is with Microsoft's SkyDrive service. Windows 8 is designed to connect seamlessly to SkyDrive, as well as other online services like Facebook and Twitter.
Sign in with Microsoft account: Instead of creating an account on your computer, you can sign in with your free Microsoft account. This will bring all of your SkyDrive files, contacts, and more into your Start screen. You can even sign in to a different computer that has Windows 8, and all of your important files will be there.

Signing in with a Microsoft account

Social networking features: You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts to Windows 8, allowing you to see your friends' updates directly from your Start screen or from the built-in People app.

The People app
To learn more about Microsoft's online services, check out our Microsoft Account and SkyDrive and Office Web Apps tutorials.

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