Thursday, October 15, 2009

Window Xp Course

For Computer starter ...
-How is computer Work?
-Computer Structure
-Computer Basic Skill.

Control You Computer

-Create Your Account
- Delete an Account

Maintenance Computer

-Disk Clean up Utility
-Disk Fragment

How to Copy File and music to CD
- Copy CD
- Using Special Nero Express.

How to make Backup your data.
-Backup Data
-Restore Data.
Create a Zip File
- Create Zip File
- Extract Zip File.
How to Edit Your Favorite movie and photo.

- Using Window movie maker.
- Produce Your movie.

Multimedia Course

- Playing music All Player.
- Converting Mp3, Mp4, Avi, All Media Format.
- Create A phone ring tone.
- Edit your Audio music.

Computer Courses

We have kind of Computer courses.

Basic Course

1) Window xp Course (1) Month

2) Window Vista Course (1) Month

3) Microsoft Office Course

Office (11) 2003 Course (2) Months
(1) Microsoft Excel 2003
(2) Microsoft Word 2003
(3) Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
(4) Adobe PageMaker 7.0

4) Using Internet and E-Mail

Basic course of internet and E-mail (2) Weeks
Advance internet Course (Create Web Page ) (3) Weeks